Recent Reads (Two Books That I Actually Liked But Also Hated a Little)

Here I am again with MORE BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS! This time around I read two books* that I actually like, even though I also hated them a little bit, too. I feel like most books are like that, you know? No book can be perfect. (*Full disclaimer – I actually listened to a third book but hated it SO MUCH that I’m not even going to mention it. That terrible. Ugh.)

The Clasp by Sloane Crosley

I guess the trendy thing to do in books now is to have multiple narrators and multiple story-lines that kind of connect but are also separate but then all come together at the end. This book fell into that category. It was a lot easier to follow than ones that I’ve read in the past (like The Nest or Beautiful Ruins) and all of the characters were kind of fun to be with for short bursts. I liked that the story stayed in the present and it took the characters to France, but I did not like how  s  l  o  w  it was at first. I feel like the first half of the book should have been only like, a quarter of the book, and the last half of the book should have been developed more. Overall I liked it and I’d recommend it!

The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

So I liked this book a lot… but I ALSO WANTED TO SMACK THE MAIN CHARACTER UPSIDE THE HEAD AND SHAKE SOME COMMON SENSE INTO HER and I often yelled NO NO NO NO NO STOP BEING A DUMMY at my book. But besides that, I really liked it! It’s so easy to see the mistakes that other people are making – especially a fictional character – and this girl, Lucy, made quite a few. It’s a beautiful story about a first love, but COME ON girl you’ve got to make some better life choices. *Spoiler alert* Like for example, she eventually marries somebody else and starts a family and is very happy, but then she still likes the Facebook photos from her ex-boyfriend and wants to keep in contact with him. No. Dummy. That’s literally never a good idea. How is that a good idea. Ugh. I liked the way this book was written, and I think that it was written really well. I do recommend this book, but with the caveat that you will get very frustrated by the main character now and then. Fair warning.

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