Random Ramblings

Do you ever just have SO MANY THOUGHTS swirling around your head that you can’t seem to concentrate on anything else? I’ve been feeling like for the past few days. It’s gotten to the point that the things I’m thinking about have started popping into my dreams at night! (That usually happens, anyway, but recently it’s been getting very specific.)

I know a lot of people are big fans of doing a “brain dump” before going to bed, and I think I might have to start doing that, too. (Brighton Keller has a good post going into more detail!) It sounds like a good way to kind of help get your brain organized, but for tonight I’m just going to spill some of my random thoughts out here. Cool? Cool!

A lady in the WalMart parking lot stopped me in the middle of the aisle and asked “Are you a teacher? You look like you teach small children!!!” And I think she was genuinely disappointed when I told her no.

I spilled an ENTIRE bottle of nail polish last night (thankfully it was on the bathroom counter and none of it got on the carpet) and it made me so sad! It was a pretty sparkly orange, so I guess I won’t be wearing that color for Halloween this year. Black it is.

I went to Chick-Fil-A a few days ago and at the drive-thru speaker, I asked “…and with 3 Chick-Fil-A sauce packets, please!” and the worker confirmed “…and with 3 Chick-Fil-A sauce packets.” And then I got up to the window and the worker AGAIN confirmed “…and with 3 Chick-Fil-A sauce packets” and then I get all the way home and there are ZERO Chick-Fil-A sauce packets in the bag and I had to eat a dry sandwich and dry French fries like a peasant. I was very disappointed!!!

I think that people crunching and chewing on ice all day long is the most annoying thing. There was a lady at my last job that did it nonstop, and now I sit near someone who crunches on ice all day again. Doesn’t that make you so cold?!?!?

I decided that I’m going to get Netflix again – but just for one month! I want to see the next installment of the Stranger Things saga, and if I wait a little bit to watch it, I can also use Netflix to watch all the cheesy Christmas movies that I love.

I’ve had ONE smart phone my entire life, since I got my first one in 2014, and it’s been an Android Samsung Galaxy S4 (which was the older model at the time). I’m terribly cheap so I don’t want to get a new phone until this one craps out, but I think I’m going to get an iPhone next… and I’m already excited about it!

I’m pretty sure that my apartment complex is going to raise my rent A LOT when my lease comes up in the spring and I’m already not looking forward to making some decisions. Do I stay and pay more than my apartment is actually worth/above my budget? Do I move AGAIN? Do I sneak all my stuff into my sister’s house and hope she doesn’t notice and then go over there for dinner and just never leave?!?!?! (Just kidding… kind of…)

Well I think that’s pretty good for one night! I put a notebook and pen on my nightstand so I can jot my thoughts down before bed – hopefully that helps me get a little more organized and keeps me a little more sane!

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