Staying Hydrated

Water is very important. I know, I know… how had you gone your entire life without hearing this very important fact?!?! Aren’t you so glad that you have your ol’ pal Kelly to tell you the secrets of life?

But really, drinking water is basically one of my hobbies. I don’t understand how people can go more than a few hours without having a glass – I am constantly chugging water and keeping track of how much I drink, trying to make sure that I get enough throughout the day. I always have a glass with me around my apartment, and even when I go on a road trip, I take a big tumbler of water with me (or if I forget, I get a large cup of ice water from McDonalds or the gas station once I get on the road.)

Sitting at work all day makes it really easy for me to get sidetracked and forget to drink enough water. Ideally I’d be getting up every hour to take a break and stretch my legs and get another drink, but realistically that doesn’t happen because I get distracted or I’m on a roll and don’t want to throw off my groove (quotes The Emperor’s New Groove real quick) or I just forget. My solution – get a GIANT water cup so I only have to refill it a few times a day!!!!!

So that’s what I do! I bring a comically large water bottle/tumbler to the office and fill it up first thing in the morning, refill it at lunch, and then fill it up one more time in the afternoon. I know I’m drinking enough water simply by making sure I drink the ENTIRE thing by lunch, at lunch, and then before going home for the day. So easy!

I’m always on the hunt for more gigantic tumblers to help keep me hydrated – here are some cute ones I’ve seen recently!

Lily Pulitzer

Kate Spade



Kate Spade

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