Five for Friday #38

I know that Friday juuuuuuuuuuuuuust started, but I’m already SO ready for the weekend! I’ve got my to do list made, and it is FULL. My main priority for the weekend is to decorate for HALLOWEEN! I’m hosting a scary movie night (not too scary tho… I’m a wimp when it comes to scary movies!) next weekend, but I want to get everything set up and ready as early as possible. I’ve been scouring the web this week for some good Halloween decorations, but I also found a few other fun things I wanted to share!

one || If you follow/like Warby Parker on Facebook than you’ve probably seen these already, but they have a mini web series called Oddcupations and they are hilarious! This seems like such a fun company to work for, and the employees clearly love their jobs!

two || Surprise, surprise, I found another podcast for you to check out. I JUST found out about this one, myself! Levar Burton Reads is pretty much what you’re thinking – Levar Burton reads you stories. It will take you back to the Reading Rainbow days of your past and you’ll thank me for it!

three || A good friend recently asked me if I had heard of Girl Defined ministries, and my answer was “ummmm nope never heard of them!” She said she had just found them herself, and was going through the videos and really enjoyed them so far. So I hopped online and looked them up. Girl Defined ministries comes from 2 adorable sisters, Kristen and Bethany. They have a book, a blog, and post short, inspirational videos once a week geared toward young, Christian ladies. (I’m slightly older than their target demographic, but that’s totally ok!) I’ve gone through a few of them and like what I saw so far – I’m excited to make my way through the rest of the videos!

four || SUPERMARKET SWEEP IS COMING BACK TO TV!!!!!!!!!! This is not a drill! The best TV show that you’re still not sure why you watched so enthusiastically from your childhood is coming BACK!!! Get excited, and start memorizing what grocery items are worth the most money immediately. (The giant ham, obviously.)

five || I love getting little glimpses into people’s lives, and this little article showing what Martha Stewart can’t travel without was the perfect little thing to read. I feel like I know this very famous stranger so much better now… haha. Martha Stewart travels with food? I travel with food! Granted, her food is homemade salmon and hard boiled eggs and mine is baggies of CheezIts…. but close enough.

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