A Wake-Up Playlist for Your Mornings

Mornings are tough. I wouldn’t call myself a morning person at all, but I actually think I’m sort of a morning person. I’m a fake morning person? I’m not sure how to explain it. I hate waking up early, and I often accidentally sleep through my alarm (oops), and I’ll gladly lounge in bed for an hour after actually waking up. But on the flip side, I feel like my whole morning is wasted if I don’t get moving, I’m most productive first thing in the morning, and my “sleeping in” is still getting up hours earlier than my friends. I once suggested meeting friends for 10am breakfast (which seemed crazy late to me) on a Saturday and was told that is unacceptable, how about noon?

So while I have mixed feelings about the mornings, especially weekday mornings, I try to have some sort of noise going while I’m getting ready. Podcasts make an appearance from time to time, but I usually get distracted by what I’m doing and I miss out on a solid 4 minutes of the episode and have to try to go back and find where I tuned out, and it’s a bit time waster. I decided that I needed a solid, energetic playlist to keep me pumped up in the mornings and keep me bopping along while I’m getting ready. I put together a list of some of my favorite songs and hit play as soon as my feet touch the floor.

It’s a fun mix that really helps wake me up in the morning! This playlist takes about 50 minutes to get through, so my goal is to be out the door by the time I get to the last song. It helps me to stay on track in the morning, which is never a bad thing. Do you listen to anything in the mornings while getting ready? What are some of your go-to favorites?

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