Did Y’all Know About Talbots?!!?

Seriously!! Why?!?!? I’ve literally never shopped at Talbots in my life (I always thought it was kind of an “old lady” brand for some reason…) but I stumbled across a few items I loved online the other day and THEY WERE FROM TALBOTS! What?!?!? Then later I checked on a few Like to Know It links in my inbox from Instagram posts I’d liked and a few of those items were also from TALBOTS!

So I quickly opened up a new tab in my browser and searched for the Talbots website. I was browsing through all the clothes and you guys…. they have CUTE stuff! Some of it is a bit… mature… but I’d say that I would honestly wear at least 75% of this stuff. The clothes have a classic look, they’re not too trendy, and they seem like they would last from season to season (aka not cheap Forever21 clothes that wear out after 1 season of wear.)

The only downside is the price. I’m still kind of cheap, and so these prices seemed a little bit on the expensive side to me. I think I need to start shifting my mindset and recognize that it’s ok to spend a little bit more on a quality item that will last a LONG time – maybe I can start doing that with something from Talbots!

There were a TON of items that I absolutely loved (again, I would totally wear the majority of the clothes on the website) but here were a few of my favorites.

one | two | three | four | five | six
seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

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