A Day in the Life of Kelly

One of my favorite blog posts to read from other people is when they share what a typical day is like for them. It might be because I’m literally the nosy-ist person ever, but I just love getting a little insight in to how other people spend their time, how they live their lives, and if they eat dinner on the couch just like me, haha. I thought it was about time that I did one of these posts, too, so here is what a typical day in my life looks like!

6:00 – Wake up! I’m terrible about staying in bed and accidentally falling back asleep, so I’ve been trying to force myself to physically get up and out of bed right away. I go downstairs, sit on the couch (which is still honestly someplace I have accidentally fallen back asleep), and try to get my quiet time in. Right now I’m going through the Jesus Always devotion (a gift from a sweet friend).

6:30 – It’s time to start getting ready for work! I put on a playlist to help me get energized for the day and keep me be-bopping around my apartment! I showered last night, which keeps my morning easy – I just run over my hair with my flat iron, wash my face, put on makeup, and go!

7:25 – Now that I’m ready for the day, I head out to the bus transit center about a mile and a half from my apartment. My company pays for a yearly transit pass, so I take the bus to and from work every day. It’s an express bus (thankfully!!!) so the seats are comfy and there are no stops between Addison and downtown Dallas. I love that I’m not the one driving, and I get so much reading done on the bus. I started a new book this morning!

8:00 – I walk into the office, turn on my laptop, and head immediately for the Keurig on my floor. I don’t feel like I need the caffeine (and sometimes I don’t get any coffee or tea), but I kind of like the ritual of it. We just got pumpkin spice creamer, so that’s what I’m going with today. I sip my coffee and read TheSkimm for the morning before getting started with my work for the day.

10:30 – The hour-long meeting I usually have was cancelled (not mad about it) so I decide to take a little walk around the block instead. I haven’t taken a break yet this morning (oops) so it’s probably good to get up and stretch my legs a little. I pass by 2 construction sites, 2 churches, and a whole lot of smokers huddled in the one shady corner of the building.

11:30 – It’s lunch time!!! Aaaaaaaaaand ugh…. I just realized that I forgot to bring my lunch today!!! Thankfully it’s still in the fridge at home, so I’ll have it for dinner later. But for now, I go down to the salad place in my building and pay way too much for a salad. If you don’t get any meat, it’s cheaper, so that’s the route I’m going to take today.

1:30 – FIRE DRILL! That’s always fun and exciting, right? I’m on the “safety team” at work (I was somehow volunteered for it and I don’t remember how, but I get free CPR and AED certification so I’m ok with it), so once the strobes start flashing I put on my neon safety vest and walk the floor to make sure everyone evacuates 3 floors down as they should. It’s tricky as a grown-up because half of the company is on some conference call or meeting, so a lot of people didn’t want to leave.

3:00 – Time for my afternoon break! I try to take a little walk every day at 3, just to make sure that I actually get up from my desk between lunch and going home. My building is connected to a few others via sky walks, so I can escape the heat and walk a mile without actually going outside at all.

4:30 – Yay I’m done with work for the day!!! Basically everyone that sits around me has gone home for the day, so the office is nice and empty and super quiet. I usually try to stay for a half hour or so to work on the blog, my parent’s website, or anything personal I need to get done. It’s just so much easier to work on two HUGE monitors, so I don’t mind staying at the office a little bit later than I could.

5:00 – Now that I’m *officially* done for the day, it’s time to head down and wait for the bus to go home. Sometimes it pulls up right as I’m turning the corner. Sometimes I wait 50 minutes for a bus to show up. Thankfully today I only had to wait about 10 minutes! I’m kind of tired right now, so instead of reading I decide to listen to a podcast. I have a lot of episodes downloaded to my phone so I can listen without streaming and using data, and I start listening to an episode of Stuff You Missed in History Class (one of my faves!)

5:45 – I have an errand to run before going home, so I get in my car and head to the library. I need to drop off a book that I finished yesterday and I also pick up a new book, an audiobook to listen to in the car, and season 7 of The Good Wife on DVD.

6:30 – I’m finally back home and it’s time to eat dinner! Since I forgot my lunch at home this morning, I decide to have that as my dinner so I don’t have to cook anything – I’m feeling lazy. I got a meal from Snap Kitchen (again with the feeling lazy) so I heat that up and eat at my table, which is kind of rare! I’m eating at the table so I can watch my latest Lynda.com course and follow along on my laptop. I’m trying to beef up my resume, so right now I’m watching a course about the newest updates to Adobe Illustrator.

7:30 – Now that my food has had a little time to settle, it’s time to workout. I have a bunch of PopSugar Fitness workouts saved to the “watch later” section of YouTube, so I will pick one of those and get a little workout in. After the workout is done, I’ll cool down and do a serious stretch session.

8:30 – Now that I’m nice and sweaty from my workout, it’s time to shower! Once I get out, I put on one of my favorite charcoal face masks and let that do it’s job while I put some dry shampoo in my hair (I find that using it the night before really helps my hair look less disgusting the next day), brush my teeth, and set out my clothes for tomorrow.

9:00 – I’m still not done with the baby blanket for my niece (I’m so behind, I know!!!!), so I need to sit down and work on it for a little bit. Since I picked up the last season of The Good Wife at the library earlier, I put on an episode to serve as good background noise while I focus on the yarn. I’ve seen the show once before, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out if I’m not actually watching the TV the entire time.

10:00 – It’s felt like a long day, and I am ready for bed! I stayed up WAY too late last night talking to a friend on the phone (it was a great convo, but I usually don’t stay up that late so now I’m feeling tired!) so I’m sure I’ll fall asleep pretty fast tonight. I try to read another chapter of a book before turning off the light and going to sleep. Goodnight!

There it is – a day in the life of Kelly! I didn’t really capture everything I was doing yesterday, but that’s probably ok because I realized halfway through that I chose a pretty mundane day to keep track of! But that’s kind of ok, right? Because not every day can be super packed full of fun and excitement and events and birthday dinners – some days are just “normal” and that’s totally ok. I hope you had fun following along with me!

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