At-Home Fitness Resources You Should be Using!

Hello again, friends! I’d just like to say real quick that we’re on the 11th day of the month, and this is my 11th post of the month! I’ve stuck to my Blogtober challenge so far… but we’ll see how the rest of the month goes!

Yesterday I mentioned that one of my tried and true ways to save money was my working out at home. I’m definitely not as diligent as I should be, but I have found a ton of great ways to get my sweat on in the comfort of my own home or a minimal price (some of them are even FREE!)

I’ve been following Cassey (the creater of Blogilates) for so many years now, and I’ve loved doing her workouts via YouTube. Her workouts are short and INTENSE – I love picking a few and doing them together to get a great comprehensive workout. She posts a new workout calendar every month so you can follow along with a pre-made workout plan if you don’t want to have to think up something for yourself. She even has a beginner calendar if you’re getting back into fitness and need to start at a slower pace.

DO YOU YOGA || Price: Free!
If you’re wanting to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to yoga, this is for you. They offer a free 30-day yoga challenge, and the workouts (are they still called workouts when it’s yoga?) are delivered to your email inbox every day. They get your feet wet and teach you the essentials and it’s a great way to reset your mind and body for 20 minutes a day.

POPSUGAR FITNESS || Price: Free!!!
This is seriously one of the best resources out there! They have printables, they have videos (seriously they have ALL THE VIDEOS!!!), they have it all! You could seriously find workouts to do every day and never need another resource ever!

LES MILLS ON DEMAND || Price: 10 day free trial, $13/month
Y’all. These are INTENSE. But they are SO GOOD! I used to go to a gym in college that offered Les Mills classes and I got hooked! They are high energy and high intensity and you WILL be crazy sore for at least 3 days after doing one of these.

This one is pretty self explanatory. You can search for workouts that you want or muscles that you want to target and go from there!

BBG || Price: $55 (oof I know… but it’s kind of worth it!)
This one is very expensive yes… but it’s only a one time fee and then you get to keep the workouts FOREVER!!! People swear by these workouts and they are HARD. Even the easy beginner workouts leave me super out of breath!! The BBG community is huge and will definitely keep you motivated.

DVDS || Price: varies
This is probably the obvious one that you thought of first, and they’re great for a reason! You can find what works for you and do them over and over. I have a few that I cycle through, but the 30-Day Shred DVD is one of my absolute favorites!

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