My Hair Essentials

If you caught yesterday’s post, I shared my beauty essentials, and so today I thought I’d share the hair care items that I absolutely can’t live without!

Just like my makeup experience and skill set, I don’t really have a lot of great experience with doing my hair. My hair started getting wavy and extremely frizzy in high school, and I did not know how to handle that at ALL. Thankfully that was right around the time when flat irons started to become a thing, so I got one (or really I think I just secretly used my sister’s…) and tried to straighten the frizz out of my hair, to some moderate success.

And that’s what I’ve been dealing with – frizz and flat irons – until recently. I watched Carly’s video on how she dries her hair, and it finally clicked! I started taking my time and bought a new round brush, and now I can blow dry my hair and leave without using my straightener… I’ve literally never been able to do that before! Amazing!!!

So, now that I’m finally getting the hang of things, let me share what I use day in and day out.

Leave-In Conditioner || I use the classic for this one. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle works so well and smells SO good!!! I usually only end up using it once a month, but I’m trying to use it a little more often, because it really does moisturize my hair so well. When I want to wear my hair wavy, I use this cream and holy moly it smells SO GOOD. Like coconuts. It’s the best.

Brushes || I’ve been using the paddle brushes from The Body Shop since high school, and thankfully they still make them! They’re gentle enough that I can use them to go through my wet hair without fearing damage. I just got this super cheap round brush at Target and y’all – it works great! So worth the tiny price! It holds onto my hair when I’m blowing it out and I’m so happy with it! I can’t believe I didn’t buy it sooner!

Heat Protection || I got this awesome blow dry spray in a sample pack and I LOVE IT. It’s lasted a long time, thankfully, because it’s more on the expensive side. It is supposed to reduce frizz and fight humidity and honestly I think this is a miracle product!!!

Styling Product || I’ve also been using this argon oil for a long time, and I keep buying it when I run out because it works really well. I usually just run a tiny dab over my hair once I’ve finished styling it to make it super shiny and tame the frizz a little bit more.

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