Fall Quotes (Cuz I’m Tired of Summer Already)

Happy Friday, friends!! I hope y’all have had such a great week! Mine was pretty good – I was SUPER productive at work which is always a great feeling, I had dinner at my sister’s house and got to play with my nephews for a while, I got some cute new work clothes (on MAJOR sale!!!), and I got to talk to some sweet friends on the phone! I don’t have too much planned for this weekend, and I’m kind of looking forward to just relaxing, doing some seriously cleaning, and going to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

As I’ve said about 18 times already this week, I’m SO excited that it’s finally fall! I’ve got my fall bucket list ready to go, I’ve got a delicious fall candle burning next to me as I type this, but…. it’s kind of hard to get into the fall spirit when it’s still pretty warm outside. Warm and rainy, which makes it humid and gross. But thankfully the internet has lots good fall quotes to trick my mind into feeling all warm and cozy!

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