My Favorite Blog Fonts

Now that I’ve been blogging somewhat consistently for a few years now, I’ve definitely started developing my own style. One of the things that I’ve become very particular about is the fonts that I use when creating little images. As much as I search for new ones, and there are a ton out there, I keep getting drawn to the same kinds of fonts: pretty brush script, and skinny all-caps.

Great suggestion for wordless music to help you focus and concentrate!

See what I mean? I love them separately, but I also obviously love the look of them together! I’ve used these fonts in a variety of projects – not just on my blog. They’ve made appearances in a photo video for my friend’s wedding, greeting cards, printables I’ve made, and more! There are a few that I tend to use more than others, so I wanted to share my absolute favorites.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

The best part about them (besides being adorable) is that they are all FREE fonts, which means you can get them and use them, too! SO what are you waiting for?!? Go get ‘em!!! A lot of these fonts were found from Creative Market, and I highly recommend you sign up for their emails. They send out an email every Monday morning with a few freebies (like fonts and graphics) and I usually find at least 1 thing to snag every week!

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