A Quick Hello from Kelly (Not Katie)

Hi there!!! The first blog prompt from my Blogtober list was a little introduction, so let’s just right in! I just wanted to say a quick hello to newer readers (and a warm welcome back to blog friends who have been with me for a while) and share some fun facts about me!

One || My name is Kelly, not Katie (as I’m sure you’ve gathered from the name of my blog). Katie was an accidental nickname my freshman year of college (read the full story here!)

Two || I. Love. Fun. Facts. And. Trivia. So. Much. I just love knowing things! I’ll look up “cool” facts about a place before I visit on a vacation (I was constantly pointing and sharing things when in Vegas the last time, for example) and I even look up the “trivia” section of IMDB for basically every movie and TV show I watch.

Three || I’m a little bit obsessed with llamas and alpacas. This isn’t a new thing I’m sharing, but I thought it deserved to be said again. They’re just amazing! My favorite thing in my living room gallery wall is a watercolor of a llama blowing bubbles.

Four || If I could magically have all the money to start my own business and be guaranteed that it would be a success, then my dream job would definitely be to open a bakery. I really enjoy baking and would love to share my treats with the world!

Five || I’ve always wanted to live in Dallas, and now I’m here and I love it! I love all the neighborhoods and I love all the events and I love having 2 major airports so close so I can travel elsewhere very easily!

Six || Most of my favorite movies are from when I was growing up. Mary Poppins, That Thing You Do, You’ve Got Mail, The Emperor’s New Groove – all so good!

Seven || I’ve never broken a bone. (It’s something I always bust out during games of Never Have I Ever.) I have, however, strained and sprained lots of things, detached a muscle from bone, and dealt with lots and lots of stress fractures. Not cast-worthy, but still not fun.

Eight || Both of my “big girl” jobs have had something to do with the transportation industry (first airplanes and now semi-trucks). I keep joking that my next job needs to have something to do with trains or boats.

Nine || I only get 2 haircuts a year. I’m in a constant state of growing out my hair and I thankfully don’t really get split ends (hashtag blessed), so I just go in for trims or to chop it all off and donate, which usually happens every other year.

Ten || Cotton candy is one of my very favorite things in life. That is all I have to say about that.

I think 10 facts about me is good enough for now. Hopefully now you feel like you had a good little introduction or got to know me a little better! I’ve done one of these before, you can read more about me here!

3 thoughts on “A Quick Hello from Kelly (Not Katie)

  1. Those were all my favorite movies growing up too! Especially That Thing You Do…maybe swap out You’ve Got Mail for Sleepless in Seattle. But they’re all so good! I too love llamas and alpacas…my next big trip will be to Peru and I can’t guarantee that I won’t bring one home with me 🙂


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