My Favorite Wordless Music

Great suggestion for wordless music to help you focus and concentrate!

If I’m sitting at my desk at work, you can safely bet that I’ve got my earbuds in and I’m listening to music or a podcast. 95% of the time. My office environment is very “modern” which really means that it’s completely open and you can hear every conversation, every conference call, every noise. Not to mention that we have concrete floors and unfinished ceilings, so every noise kind of echoes. At times I do try to sit and work without music or something going in my ears, but it never lasts long.

I have playlists that I listen to (like my musical Friday playlist!), I’ll listen to soundtracks from TV shows sometimes (right now I’m LOVING this playlist I found with every song from Grey’s Anatomy. It is AMAZING.), and I’ll listen to podcasts (see some of my favorites here and here), but sometimes I just REALLY need to concentrate and people talking or singing just won’t cut it. I’ve tried listening to white noise, but what I really like to do when I need to focus is listen to music without any words.

I love that there is still some variety in what I’m listening to (unlike just plain white noise) but I’m not subconsciously trying to sing along to anything or figure out what the lyrics are. I have a few favorite music/playlists that I love to listen to, and I wanted to share!

Great suggestion for wordless music to help you focus and concentrate!

So many good ones! I’m actually listening to the La La Land score right now as I type this – I recently saw the music played live at the Dallas Symphony while the movie played behind the orchestra and it was one of the most magical evenings! They just did such a good job – there were times where I was watching the movie on the screen, and my eyes would glance down at the musicians and I actually was surprised – I totally forgot that I was listening to live music! That’s how spot on they were!

So what do you do to drown out the noise at work? Just deal with it? Ear plugs? Do you have any go-to music or noise to help you focus? I’d love to hear!

Great suggestion for wordless music to help you focus and concentrate!

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