Read This If You Love Historical Fiction!

I’m slightly embarrassed that it took me SO LONG to figure this out, but I just recently realized that I can check out e-books from my local library and have them sent to my Kindle!! I have a VERY old Kindle so I didn’t think it would work, but it sure did! I was so excited and now I won’t necessarily have to wait for a book to be transferred from a different library branch for me to read it! I do really like the feel of a tangible book in my hands, but this is also a really great option. Especially for HUGE books that I don’t want to carry around, like the biography of Alexander Hamilton that I’m working my way through. I’m very glad I’ve got the electronic version of that one!

The book that I finished most recently (on my Kindle, from the library!) was The Paris Wife by Paula McLain and it will be right up your alley if you like historical fiction! It follows the romance and relationship between Ernest Hemingway and his first wife, Hadley, told from her point of view. You get to see how the two meet, go along their with them in their fast courtship, and see how their lives change when they move to Paris and Ernest’s writing career starts to finally take off.

I think what I appreciated most about this book is that the author really tried to stay as true to history as possible. Obviously it’s not possible to know every conversation that was had, which is where the fiction portion comes into play, but their story was pieced together from letters and memoirs and stories, and it absolutely broke my heart. (Spoiler alert, Hemingway had 4 wives in real life, so you go in knowing that it’s not going to work out…) I was so invested in their love story and their marriage, that when it started to unravel it legitimately made me sad.

I’ve never really read any of Hemingway’s works before, but a lot of this story encompasses him writing a few of his really well known novels (The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms), and so now I am drying to pick those up and see what they’re all about. But I need a break before I do that because like I said, this book made me genuinely sad about this couple that existed nearly a century ago.

If you like historical fiction, I suggest that you check this one out! It’s not actually that big of a bummer – it’s really well written and the story kept the pace of the book moving quickly.

What’s your favorite historical fiction book? I’m always looking for great recommendations! You can read about some of my other favorites here, here, and here.

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