Five for Friday #36

Wow what a week it’s been! There’s been a lot going on – I had some great workouts which I’ll talk about in a little bit, I got a flat tire which was an adventure (shout out to the nicest cab driver in Updown Dallas who changed my tire for me and wouldn’t even let me get him a bottle of water from the coffee shop even though I asked him about 18 times if I could get him something), I had a delicious dinner with a friend to celebrate life and friendship and summer and fun (we went to a super fancy steakhouse in town while they had cheaper preset menus to benefit a local charity and oh my goodness it was so tasty), and a few other exciting family things that I will share later!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week!

One || Les Mills On Demand. I used to take Les Mills fitness classes at the gym I went to in college and I LOVED them. They were so intense and fun and filled with variety, and I felt so accomplished when I finished one. I just found out you can do them on demand aka in the comfort of my apartment and I am so excited about it! I signed up for the free trial and I forgot just how crazy these classes are – I am SO SORE!!!

Two || The trick for getting your side braid to stay in place. This was a GAME CHANGER, Y’ALL!! I do these big side dutch braids a lot, but I always had to do them with a low bun because I couldn’t seem to get the braid to stay with bobby pins alone. And it’s so simple, too!!

Three || The world’s best cookie jar. Look at it! It’s a LLAMA!!!! I have no idea where my llama obsession started but it is going STRONG and I have been exercising all of my self control by not running to World Market to buy this asap! (I already have a cookie jar that I like a lot so I don’t need this… but it’s just so adorable!)

Four ||  This watermelon sleep mask. I have way too many face masks and night masks that I need to use up first, but doesn’t this one just look like it would be a dream?!? It sounds like it would be really refreshing!

Five || The Middle. I’ve been going back and re-watching episodes of The Middle and I forgot jut how HILARIOUS it is! I am laughing out loud every night and I love it. (I even wrote a post about how one of the characters, Sue Heck, is my hero a while ago!!)

And there you have it! Have a great weekend!


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