I Tried Rent the Runway and it was AWESOME

Like most people with internet access, I’m sure you’ve heard of the company Rent the Runway (RTR as I’ve been calling it lately). If not, let me explain what it is! It’s an online shop where you rent higher-end dresses and accessories (and some separates, too) instead of buying them. It’s such a fun concept! So instead of spending $600 buying the perfect dress you’ll only wear once, you spend $50 renting it for 4 or 8 days.

I wanted to find something fun and fancy to wear to my friend Jen’s rehearsal dinner, but was having a hard time finding something I liked enough at the store, that fit well, and that wasn’t WAY out of my budget. I didn’t feel like anything in my closet was nice enough, and shopping was wearing me out. Then, I remembered that my friend Allison had been looking at RTR for a dress to wear to the wedding, and so I hopped online and started looking, too!

There were SO MANY GREAT DRESSES to choose from! My favorite part of their concept is that you get to order a backup size absolutely FREE! And the customers leave great and helpful reviews and pictures, so you can better know just what size (and backup size) you should order. For example, one of the dresses I picked, according to reviews, tended to run a bit big, so I knew to order a size down.

I ended up renting 2 dresses because they were having a special, and I am in love with BOTH of them – I really didn’t want to send them back!!!

Here is what I rented to wear to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I loved the lace stripes, and it was so elegant and perfect for the dinner. It fit like a dream and was the perfect length.

I paired it with a big turquoise statement necklace and felt so beautiful that night! (Also I’m just now realizing that I didn’t actually take any pictures that night… so this will have to do. And honestly I just wanted to get a picture of the sick braid I did, so let’s all appreciate that, too, haha.)

Because of the special they were running (rent two for the price of one) I went ahead and ordered another dress to wear for the after party after the wedding reception ended. I loved my bridesmaid dress, but it was floor length and didn’t have much give, so I wanted something that would be easier to dance in. I picked this gorgeous pink Kate Spade dress with a GIANT bow in the back and it was perfect!!!

I got to dance the night away in comfort and style and of course I spent half of the evening going around and making sure everyone saw the gorgeous bow on the back! It’s not in my budget to buy a $450 Kate Spade dress, so it was REALLY fun to get to wear one for a night, for basically no money at all!

Man, I need to get better about taking full length pictures with other people…. 🙂

If you haven’t tried Rent the Runway yet, I HIGHLY recommend it!! It was so easy and so fun, and they send your dresses in a garment bag that already includes your return shipping label (and it’s free to ship them back!) The site always has a discount for first time renters, too, so you don’t have anything to lose! You can sort items by size, date needed, color, formality, price, designer – you’re basically guaranteed to find a great dress!

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