London Calling: My Airplane Playlist

Whenever I travel by air, I have a very specific routine that I follow each and every time. After I go through TSA and find my gate, I get a drink and a snack to enjoy while I wait for my flight to board. (I get to the airport pretty early just in case TSA is crazy, so I usually have a good chunk of time to sit and wait for my plane to arrive.) Once I have my Starbucks drink and my cheez-its, I sit at my gate, get out my book, and start up my travel playlist.

Sometimes I will just listen to whatever playlist I have going at the time, but I really like to create a playlist specifically for traveling. Really I use the music to block out other noises while I read. That sounds kind of silly, I know, but I’d rather hear my music in the background instead of people coughing or children whining, you know? So when I make a playlist for reading/traveling, I want to make sure it’s songs I already know and won’t feel obligated to stop and listen to, but songs that I like enough that if I do stop reading to just listen to music for a while, I won’t hate my life. I also want to make sure the songs are upbeat enough to keep me subconsciously energized, but not too crazy loud that I can’t concentrate or get woken up if I drift off to sleep. It’s a delicate process that I spend way too much time thinking about.

For this trip, I thought it would be fun to make a playlist with artists and songs I like that came from England, since that’s where I was going! I put a bunch of stuff on there (lots of Keane, Adele, and Ed Sheeran, for sure!) plus the scores from a few Harry Potter movies, just in case I wanted some wordless music to relax with. I’ll put this baby on shuffle and hope to get some good reading done!

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