The World’s Easiest Burrito Bowl

When I was getting ready to move into my new apartment and then once I actually moved in, I was SO LAZY when it came to cooking. (Lazier than usual, I should say.) I had legitimate excuses, because my kitchen stuff was all packed up and I didn’t know where my measuring cups were, etc. While I had dinner covered most nights (thanks to frozen dinners heated up in the microwave and more Chick-Fil-A than I care to admit…), I ended up buying my lunch quite often at work.

Downtown Dallas has SO MANY food and restaurant options, but with limited time to eat during the day, I ended up going to a little restaurant row across the street most of the time. The one meal I got most often was this DELICIOUS burrito bowl. It was all warm and delicious, and because it’s from a restaurant, expensive. As I sat eating it one day, I realized that all of the things I put in my burrito bowl were things I could get at the store and really didn’t have to cook! So, I went to the store after work, bought all sorts of canned things, and created the world’s easiest burrito bowl to bring for lunch for the rest of the week!

Again, since I was a lazy bones and didn’t yet have access to my knives or other cooking utensils, I used basically everything from a can or a bag. Obviously you can use the same ingredients not found in a can, otherwise known as “fresh”, but I mean, who are you trying to impress?!?! 🙂 Here’s what I used:

Canned chicken (shredded)
Spanish Rice
Black beans

And that’s it! Just mix everything up in a big bowl, heat it up in the microwave, and eat your heart out! (It should be obvious, but add the cheese and the lettuce after you’ve microwaved the other ingredients. Nobody like soggy lettuce…) The great thing about burrito bowls, is that you can doctor them up and make different and delicious bowls every time. Try using ground or shredded beef! Add salsa or pico de gallo! Trade out the rice for some quinoa! Plop some guacamole on top! Add green peppers and chopped zucchini if you’re trying to be healthy! Add in crushed tortilla chips and queso dip if you’re not trying to be healthy! The possibilities are endless!!!

Now that I do have my kitchen all put together, I’m going to try and make this recipe again, but with “fresh” ingredients (aka cooking my own chicken and adding in lots of chopped veggies). What would your go-to burrito bowl combo be?!?


2 thoughts on “The World’s Easiest Burrito Bowl

  1. Ooooo it would also be so good if you made carne asada or something in the slow cooker. Actually, I bet you could make the whole thing in a slow cooker!

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