Dallas Spotlight: Yolk

One of my biggest complaints about Dallas when I first moved here was that I could NOT find a solid place to get brunch! I had tried quite a few (I even went on Yelp and looked at the top ones listed) and I was just disappointed every time. They were either too fancy (aka expensive) or too “unique” like they were trying too hard (aka expensive) or the food was just plain not good. Also, another thing that was weird was I kept finding restaurants that would offer weekend brunch but probably shouldn’t… Like, a Mexican restaurant with a not Mexican weekend brunch buffet. Just, no.

I think I got spoiled in St. Louis, where I had multiple GREAT brunch options ridiculously close to my apartment. (Seriously, they were all so good…) But after a rough 2 years of searching, I have finally started to find a few places that I would actually go back to. One of them, Yolk, I just tried for the first time on Sunday and y’all – it was SO GOOD!

It’s a restaurant that originally came from Chicago, but there are 2 locations here in Dallas. The menu is HUGE! It was actually a little overwhelming just how many options there are – my friend and I took a long time to decide on what we actually wanted. (I ended up getting the Yolk All-Star Combo shown on the menu above – two eggs, sausage, bacon, AND french toast? For $11?!?! Yes, please!)

I will admit, the rest of the menu was pretty pricey (one of the reasons I did pick the meal I did was because it was one of the less expensive options…) but, also, I don’t think it was more expensive than your typical brunch place.

I’m definitely going to go back again, probably soon! They have cinnamon roll french toast on their menu, and I’m definitely going to need to try that… ASAP.

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