Swimsuit Season

Oh my goodness. It’s already the middle of April. Which means it’s basically May. Which means it’s practically summer. Which means we can all agree that IT IS SWIMSUIT SEASON! Did that sneak up on you really fast, too? Because I swear it was November yesterday and not time to go to the pool.

I have quite a few vacations coming up where swimsuits are required, so I took to the internet to see if I could find a new cute swimsuit for the season! Something I can wear at the pool in Las Vegas or at the lake with friends or just at the little apartment pool by myself.

I found a lot of super cute ones- some were very much out of my price range, but some were spot on!

I love this black scalloped 2-piece! I might order it to take to Las Vegas… It’s a good thing I never get a suntan because this would leave some pretty awkward tan lines! I’ll just have to make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen, because that would leave just as awkward of sunburn lines… Yikes.

Which one is your favorite?!?

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