Sparrow Conference 2017

Oh boy, this weekend was an extremely good one. A friend and I signed up to go to a women’s conference (a very popular pastime among Christian ladies) here in Dallas called Sparrow Conference and y’all. It. Was. So. Good. Like, I’m still trying to unwrap all of the awesome things I heard and I’ve been re-reading my notes and just wow. I’ve been to a few conferences before and they were all good, but this one was the best I’ve been to yet. The speakers (all women from the DFW area or somewhere near-ish in Texas) were knock your socks off phenomenal, the worship music was so beautiful and moving, and the little nuggets of wisdom- WOO I learned a lot! My notes page is FULL!

Sparrow 2017 was held at The Village Church (the Dallas campus) and if you’ve even been there, you know that the church by itself is pretty cute. But the decorations were just plain adorable! Every wall and corner had some serious photo ops and it gave the whole weekend a fun and comfortable vibe.

The worship music was seriously beautiful, and was led by Lauren Chandler (the wife of Matt Chandler, the lead pastor of The Village.) The gift shop was also filled with lots of great goodies! I got a few books that I can’t wait to dig into (all written by ladies that were speakers at the conference, of course!) and I even got a little print to be added into my gallery wall (it’s for The Happy Hour, a podcast that I enjoy listening to by another one of the speakers.)

And the content. Again, just, wow. We went through the book of James. If you have read it or studied it before, then you know it is small but can pack a punch! If you’ve never read or studied James before, then here’s a quick overview- it’s 5 chapters, it’s written as a letter, and it contains a lot of good instruction on how believers should (and shouldn’t) live their lives. There’s some really good bits of hope, and there is a lot that really convicted me and just left me nodding in my seat like YES OMG THAT’S ME. The speakers (Rachel Joy, Jada Edwards, and Jen Wilkin were the main speakers) made the words seem so relevant and so applicable to life today, and it was awesome.

I seriously can’t wait for the conference next year! I might have already signed up for the early registration…. yeah… but I know that it will be just as great. I kept thinking all weekend of people I wanted to be there or people that would get a lot out of the conference or people I wanted to share it with, and hopefully they can all come with me in 2018! I want to end this by sharing a few things that I jotted down in my notebook from the weekend. Just little nuggets that were said that I felt needed to be saved and looked at later. I know they’re going to be out of context for you, but hopefully you enjoy them a little bit, too.

How we respond to trials and temptations has everything to do with our faith.

We can lean on God during our trials and temptations because HE does not change.

Are you changed, or are you just churched?

Treat one another with eternity in mind.

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

God’s “no” is just as sweet as his “yes.”

Everything we do will either illuminate or obscure the gospel.



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