The Cookbooks are Calling My Name

Ugh. You guys. I’m still not even unpacked yet… Some of the stuff I don’t care about. The box with my beach towel and swimsuits? That’s fine, stay in the corner of my closet a while longer. The stack of pictures and frames just waiting to be hung up? Whatever – I’ll get to it eventually. But the thing that is actually starting to get on my nerves a lot now, is my kitchen. AND YES I KNOW IT’S MY OWN FAULT AND I AM THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME BUT JUST LET ME COMPLAIN FOR A MINUTE.

I’ve got half of it unpacked… but I also have junk just ALL OVER the counters still. It’s not that I’m necessarily that particular about where it all goes, but also yes I am. I have limited space in my cabinets, and I’m just not sure how I want to organize everything yet, and so it just sits out. I know I could probably just put it away “for now” and then organize it later, but “for now” would turn into “forever” and I would be forever disorganized and I’m 29 now I’m trying to get my stuff together.

The fact that my kitchen is in shambles means that I have not really been cooking since I moved into my new place. I’ve been microwaving things, and I did cook some chicken, but that’s about it. My cookbooks have been sitting on a shelf (again, not sure where they’ll go eventually, but this is where they’re at for the moment) staring me down and BEGGING me to use them again! Someday soon…

Looking at all of the cookbooks I love has made me want to share some of my favorites! Maybe talking about them will give me some motivation and finally get that unpacking and organizing DONE! Maybe.

Anyone Can Cook || This one is great for beginners! It shows you what kitchen staples you might want to have in your kitchen, has almost every type of recipe possible (including drinks), and even shows you techniques to use. I like this one because it makes me feel like a professional chef, even though I’m SO far from it.

Hungry Girl 1-2-3 || I got this cookbook while living in my first college apartment when I had limited kitchen equipment and next to no skills. It has the easiest recipes ever and they’re all pretty delicious! It’s less cooking and more throwing things together, if that makes sense.

Lexi’s Clean Kitchen || I got this one pretty recently, and it’s already made it to the top of my cookbook list. The recipes are amazing and not too difficult, and it feels great to know that you’re making delicious AND healthy recipes.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime || I got this one as a gift (thanks, Mom!) and I have made quite a few delicious meals from here! It’s definitely good comfort food, and I know that I’ll always have a TON of leftovers aka I won’t have to cook again for a few days aka I’m a happy camper.

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