Movies I’ve Seen Lately

I’ve got a real love/hate relationship with the movie theater. On the one hand, it’s so much fun!!! You get to sit in a giant room and watch something spectacular on a giant screen and it’s so loud and bright and it’s a great way to experience something! But then on the other hand….. it’s just the worst. Mainly people are the worst. People sniffing through the whole movie. People coughing through the whole movie. People talking. People clapping obnoxiously to make sure people know that THEY GET THAT JOKE. People texting. People opening loud candy wrappers. People chewing SO LOUD that somehow it’s louder than the very loud movie. So if I could go to the movie theater and be guaranteed to have the place to myself, that would be awesome.

Another thing that I don’t love about the movie theater is the expense. It’s just so expensive these days. And even though that is the case, I’ve been seeing a LOT of movies at the theater lately! I had thoughts about all of them, of course, and I’ll share while trying to be spoiler-free!

La La Land || I loved this movie so much!!! The opening musical number was definitely my favorite, and I just sat with the BIGGEST smile on my face while it was going on! Some might say that Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone aren’t the strongest singers (I am one of those people) but that didn’t make me enjoy it any less- it made it seem more realistic (and less showy) if that makes any sense. The ending, to me, was amazing and was the cherry on top and yeah yeah yeah I know a lot of people hated the ending but I felt that it was wonderful. I have been listening to the soundtrack a LOT and have been loving the Planetarium song.

Hidden Figures || Another great one!! I knew that this was up for all the awards, but wasn’t sure that I’d like it all that much. But I thought it was so great! The acting was phenomenal and the story was so inspiring – I was rooting so hard for these ladies from my seat! I’m always a sucker for stories based on real life events and people. The best part about this movie, however, was the fact that I got a free movie ticket AND free popcorn. Holler!

The Founder || Sooooooooo this movie is not a happy feel good film. Thankfully I knew that going in (my dad informed me and my mom about the life of Ray Kroc before we went to the theater) but still, not necessarily an upper. It wasn’t a downer either, tho. It was just a good representation of events that happened and how McDonald’s as we know it today got started. The actors did a great job and the sets were awesome, it really felt like we were back in the 50’s! Leaving the theater I thought “man, I don’t know if I’ll go to McDonald’s for a while…” yet I’m pretty sure I went there for a large sweet tea the next day, hah.

Beauty and the Beast || Ahhhhhhhh this one SO LIVED UP TO THE HYPE! I want to go back and see it again ASAP!!!!!! The singing was great, Emma Watson was great, and it followed the cartoon version so well! And it went by SO FAST! The movie is over 2 hours but it seriously felt like we had been sitting there for only 45 minutes. Gaston was delightfully villainous (and so handsome!), there was more depth to the relationship between Belle and her father, and ok I’m going to kind of spoil just ONE tiny teensy little thing. I’m sure you’ve heard all the controversy about the “exclusively gay moment” at the end of Beauty and the Beast and that everyone was freaking out and I’m here to tell you that after it happened, I turned to my friend and we both looked kind of confused and said “uhhh that was it?” Because everyone has talked about it to death, I was obviously aware that was supposed to be some big moment, and yes there was “a moment” but if I was an 8 year old watching this movie, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have realized what was actually “going on.” At all. Granted, I was a pretty naive child who genuinely thought the word gay exclusively meant ‘happy’ till I was like 12 and Mike on the bus informed me that I was wrong, but whatever. It was definitely a conscious choice by Disney, and no matter what your thoughts are about that, the movie was great and you should go see it and have a smile plastered on your face like I did!

So have you seen any of these movies, too? What did you think? I still have a free movie ticket I need to use up and I could see a new movie… but also I’m totally fine seeing any one of these again! I’m thinking it might be Beauty and the Beast… it was just so magical!

4 thoughts on “Movies I’ve Seen Lately

  1. Love this post! I personally don’t like feeling crowded so I try to wait a long time after the movie has come out to go see it. But we recently found a smaller and cheaper movie theater near us so we were able to see Logan last weekend! From your list I’ve seen La La Land and Hidden Figures and loved them both! I hope to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend (I know you said you wouldn’t spoil but I skipped that part just in case so I’ll be back to read it once I’ve seen the movie)!

  2. I loved La La Land so so much! Perfectly captured the idea that LA is a city of possibilities and dreams…by being the most dreamy of films. And I also loved Beauty & the Beast, and also was surprised at how crazy people got about the “exclusively gay moment” that lasted one second…and no kid would ever pick up on. Hahaha. People be crazy! 🙂 I need to see Hidden Figures. I’ve heard it’s phenomenal!

  3. I’m so excited to see Beauty and the Beast! It only comes out today in Australia and we’re going in a few hours! Cant wait! We go a lot to the movies (and I mean a lot, like every week at least once) but I feel like people here are better than in the US at the theatre.

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