Recent Reads…

Oh my goodness, the last few weeks have been CRAZYPANTS! Here’s a quick recap:
-I packed up my apartment (so slowly, might I add…)
-I celebrated my 29th birthday (hooray!)
-I got SO SICK with what I’m pretty sure was a gnarly sinus infection
-I spent a few days in Phoenix for a work conference (where I was sick, btw)
-I moved into a new apartment
-I had a friend come visit me in Dallas for a few days

See?!?! Crazypants!! Prepping for the conference meant long hours at work, preparing for a move meant lots of time packing and planning, and moving meant more time doing all the junk that goes along with it. I’m STILL unpacking (I moved like 6 days ago, so I’m still fine… right?!?) but I finally unpacked my TUB OF SHAME!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, what is a tub of shame, you ask? Well, it’s a plastic tub that was packed when I moved to STL in 2013, got shoved in the back of a storage closet when I moved into my apartment there and was never unpacked, then got unearthed and moved to Dallas and once again was stuck in the back of a storage closet and was never unpacked. So finally, here in 2017, that tub has been unpacked. Hoorah.

Being sick and working crazy hours didn’t leave much time for reading at home, but I still got a lot of reading done on airplanes, on the bus to and from the office, and listening to audiobooks while driving around in my car.

The Hopefuls || I know that Jennifer Close is a very popular author,  but I don’t think that I’d ever read something of hers until I picked this one up. I put it in the category of books where there’s really not a big plot but still things happen and I enjoy spending time with the characters anyway. It was an interesting look into marriage, friendship, following someone who is following their dream, and THEY MENTION TORCHY’S so obviously this book gets a thumbs up from me.

Maybe In Another Life || This book was adorable! I listened to it in my car, and found myself taking the long way home on multiple occasions just to listen to more of it. The story follows Hannah who just moved back to LA, and one decision she makes on a night out creates two story lines. Both come with hardships, challenges, victories, and a chance for romance with different people. I liked it because I think you can find happiness in every circumstance life throws your way, and this book was a great example of that.

Talking As Fast As I Can || THIS BOOK WAS THE BEST!!!!! I had been waiting to read it since I pre-ordered it in the summer, and it totally lived up to all of my expectations! Having read it after watching the Gilmore Girls revival was amazing, and this book truly made me love Lauren Graham even more.

The Magnolia Story ||Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh this book was so good (and so short!) Like, seriously, it was very short. My mom and I listened to the entire thing (except for 15 minutes) on the drive from Tulsa to Dallas. But y’all it was such a good listen! I love with authors (especially celebs) narrate the books themselves, and it was fun to hear their voices telling their story. Some parts had mom and I LAUGHING OUT LOUD, some parts made us giggle at how adorable they are together, and other parts made us think wow- didn’t know that about them! They were very honest about their struggles and stayed humble about their success with the show and everything that has come from it.

I think that yes, I would recommend all four of these books to you. Especially the last two. And especially if you want a quick read. Have you read any of these yet?!?

One thought on “Recent Reads…

  1. I loooooooved Lauren Graham’s book. I’ve read so many female celeb’s memoirs, and I’ve got to say, I think she’s the most likeable celeb I’ve read to date. She’s so quirky and intelligent…and funny. She seemed like the kind of person you’d want to get coffee with…and ask a billion questions about Gilmore Girls to. 😂 I loved it!

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