Playlist: Dashboard Confessional

This past weekend I got to hop in a time machine and all of a sudden I was 16 again… I got to see Dashboard Confessional in concert at the House of Blues!!!


My friend Kyle and I went and it was so much fun! Dashboard was one of my all time favorite bands when I was in high school, and hearing them live brought back all the nostalgia. Kyle and I were both telling high school stories all night and joking that the music was making us think “so… I should probably call my ex… right?!!?” (Don’t worry, no exes were called over the weekend!)


Everywhere we looked before the concert, we saw “7:00.” Dashboard Confessional, 7:00. Dashboard Confessional at House of Blues, 7:00. So naturally, we thought the concert started at 7. SO WRONG. We showed up at 6:40 and got to wait in line because the doors opened at 7. Once we got in, we got to wait till 8 for the first opening band to start. And then the second opening band started at 9. And then Dashboard Confessional finally started at 10.


The first opening band (This Wild Life) was pretty great, and Kyle and I actually both got their CD on the way out. The second opening band… umm… I actually don’t remember their name… they were just ok. But guys… Dashboard was SO GOOD! They’re still rocking ALL these years later and they just sounded as amazing as ever!


I have been listening to them pretty much nonstop for a week now, and I put together a little playlist with some of my favorite songs! I made sure to add at least one from each of their CDs, and it was so hard to choose on some of them! Give it a listen and enjoy spending some time mentally back in 2006. It’s pretty fun! Let me know what your favorite song is!

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