Recent Reads: Playing Catch-Up

You guys, I am STILL trying to get caught up and review all the books I read while I took my little blog break! Why don’t I just skip them, you ask? Because they were really good and maybe you might want to read them, too! Or maybe you’ve already read one of them and you want to see if my opinions are the same as yours. Whatever the reasoning is, here are 4 more books that I have read recently!

The Traitor’s Wife || The Traitor’s Wife by Allison Pataki is a story about the wife of Benedict Arnold, Peggy, as told from the point of view of her maid. You get to see Peggy before she was the wife, as she was courted by Arnold, after they got married, and as the big plan unfolded that made Benedict Arnold become known as a traitor. You get to follow along with the maid as she realizes that her employer is actually a terrible human being and has to decide what to do when she realizes what Peggy and Benedict are planning. I listened to this as an audiobook and it was fun to listen to! If you like historical fiction, this just might be up your alley!


The Gilded Years || This book by Karin Tanabe takes place around the turn of the century and follows college student Anita as she goes through her senior year at Vassar. But the twist of the story is that Anita is actually African American in a time where she normally would not have been admitted to the college. She has always been able to pass for a white student, and has to work hard to blend in and not draw attention to herself and give away her secret identity. She ends up sharing a room with the most popular girl on campus, they become fast friends, and things start to get out of her control. This was set in a fun time period and while the drama didn’t seem too crazy, it still kept me reading quickly to see what would happen!


Where Am I Now? || I don’t know that I’ve actually seen anything that Mara Wilson has been in (have I? YES Mrs. Doubtfire, duh… kind of embarrassed that I forgot about that for a hot second…) but I was really excited to read her book for some reason. I have followed Mara on twitter for a while, and she always seems to have good things to say, and her book is no different. She went through her life and her struggles, and girl was super honest. It was awesome. And she spoke so highly of Danny DeVito and it maybe made me cry on the bus a little bit. But you should read it.


The Woman in Cabin 10 || Ruth Ware wrote a good one right here! People keep comparing this book to Gone Girl and Girl on the Train but honestly, I think I enjoyed this one more. It was a little less intense, which was easier for me to handle, haha. But don’t get me wrong, this one was still intense! So this lady goes on a trip on a small boat, and thinks that she hears somebody get thrown into the water. But nobody believes her, and they all keep trying to convince her that nothing happened. And of course everybody seems shady and has their own alibi that doesn’t really seem to hold up. The big ending seemed to almost come out of nowhere and get wrapped up crazy fast… but I still really enjoyed this one.


Have you read any of these? And did you like them as much as I did?!? I only have a few more to share with you later and then I’ll be all caught up! Are ya’ll reading anything good these days?!?


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