Recipe | Cheesy Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Back when I lived in my college town, my boss at the time (hi, Brandi!) would take me and the other girls in the office out for a little night on the town quite often, which was always a fun time. Our favorite place to go was a restaurant and lounge called Touch because it had such a fun atmosphere and DELICIOUS food and drinks. One of our favorite things to order were these little dates that were filled with some sort of cheese and wrapped in bacon. They. Were. So. Good. And they were only $1!! We spent many dollars on them.

When I was thinking about what snack I wanted to make and bring to my friends’ house for the Super Bowl, these dates came into my mind almost immediately. I knew I didn’t want to make anything too sugary, and I was ready to try reincorporating cheese into my diet after the Whole30, so these dates were the perfect option.

I googled around to try and find a similar recipe, but nothing sounded exactly right. Basically, I knew that I needed delicious bacon, soft cheese, and dates, and the rest took care of itself!

The recipe is so easy – you cook a few pieces of bacon, mix those up with the cheese (I used goat cheese) and some dates, stuff the mixture into the pitted dates, wrap em in bacon, and bake! That’s it!




See? So easy. And SO delicious! I bet other types of cheese would work, too, and be great, but y’all… the goat cheese was SO GOOD!

These little date bites are the perfect party snack or appetizer and they were at hit for the Super Bowl. What was the best snack you had during the big game?

dates recipe


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