Whole30 – My Favorite Meals

On Saturday I talked about my most recent successful Whole30! And today I wanted to share some of the best meals that I ate during that month!


ONE | Almond crusted chicken nuggets, smashed potatoes, and asparagus. White potatoes are technically allowed now during the Whole30, in moderation. And oooh they hit the spot! The almonds added a nice little flavor to the chicken and this was one delicious meal.


TWO | Scrambled eggs with green peppers and turkey sausage. I made my own almond milk… yes, really… and used that to make the eggs a bit fluffier! I also used a little bit of ghee in the pan before adding the whisked eggs.



THREE | Zucchini noodles, meat sauce, and riced cauliflower and sweet potato. The texture of the zucchini took some getting used to… but this was great! I bought the spaghetti sauce at Trader Joe’s  – they have one jar that is compliant!


FOUR | Chicken salad with carrot sticks and apple slices. I made my own mayo, which was super easy to do, and that helped keep this yummy recipe compliant! I think I might do a post of the recipe I used for this later, so stay tuned! I also put the chicken salad on a bed of lettuce a few times and it was SO good.


Yummmmm, am I right?!? See, you can still eat delicious food while doing your Whole30! And everything I ate was SO simple and SO easy. I have almost zero serious cooking skills, so easy stuff is all I can handle. And that’s ok! Like I mentioned last time, there are tons of cookbooks and thousands of recipes on Pinterest that you can comb through and find food that you’ll want to make and eat. Maybe my meals have given you a few ideas to try, as well!


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