I Finished the Whole30! Again!

As I mentioned yesterday, I completed a Whole30 during the month of January!! Woohoo, go me!! I know a lot of other people were doing the same thing (or some other healthy eating plan) so good for you guys, too! We did it! It’s over!!!


This was my second time completing the Whole30. It was also probably my 4th attempt, if I’m remembering correctly. It’s not that it’s hard, but also IT’S KINDA HARD!!! I didn’t make it all the way through two times before for some reason or other, so I’m really happy and proud that I made it all the way through this time! And I didn’t even cheat! (Well ok, I technically cheated 3 times… but it was taking communion at church, which was the world’s tiniest oyster cracker and the smallest sip of juice…. and it was for Jesus… so I decided it was ok.)


If you have no idea what the Whole30 is or maybe you’ve heard of it but don’t really remember all the rules, here they are:


As you can see, it’s pretty darn restrictive. And it’s pretty darn intimidating. But like they say so many times, IT’S ONLY FOR 30 DAYS! That’s really not that long, in the grand scheme of things! I’m guessing you can probably do anything for just 30 days.

I wrote some more detailed posts about my first Whole30 a few years ago (check them out here, here, here, here, here), but for this go round I’ll just hit the highlights.

Things That Were Awesome!

-I fell asleep SO FAST!

-My sleep quality was amazing.

-I felt like I was saving money by not driving through Chick-Fil-A and Taco Cabana just because I didn’t have food prepared at home.

-I found it easier to avoid my food cravings because I had food already prepared at home.

-I got to look at all the cuties who shop at Whole Foods more often! (So handsome, tho…)

-I learned to enjoy cooking a little bit more.

-I feel so accomplished now that I’m finished!

-I really feel like I look at and think about food differently now. This didn’t sink in as much after my first successful round, but now I see good food as fuel and less healthy food as kind of a waste. (Oh, but what a delicious waste it is…)

Things That Were Not As Awesome!

-I got tired of eggs real fast.

-I learned that hard-boiled eggs are not something I can eat more than 2 days in a row.

-I felt like I was spending more money on groceries now that I was getting higher quality food. Like, a lot more.

-I still craved food that I wasn’t supposed to have – like cookies and Chinese food.

-Each grocery shopping trip included at least 2 stores, usually 3.

-I feel like I spent SO MUCH TIME cooking.

-Sneaking in a baggie of cashews to a movie theater while your friends are eating pizza and fried pickles and Dr. Pepper… not very satisfying.

-Traveling was a pain. I brought my own food on a weekend trip, which was a great idea, but seemed kind of lame showing up to my sister’s house with food JUST FOR ME.

Well, I think that’s all I have to say for now… next time I’m going to share some of my favorite meals that I had during my Whole30, and the recipes, too!

Have you done the Whole30 before, or something like it? What did you love or hate about it?


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