Let Them Eat Cake (Bar)!

When I first moved to Dallas and learned there was a place called Cake Bar, I knew that it would probably become my very favorite place in the entire world. And somehow, it took me A YEAR AND A HALF to try it out! But don’t worry, I finally make it there a few months ago when my friend Jen (a fellow cake lover) came to visit!


I was so excited when we finally got there! It was ADORABLE and the smell. Oh the smell. It smelled heavenly. We went inside absolutely giddy with the prospect of delicious cake! There were so many flavors to choose from, and the menu was way too cute.


We had the hardest time picking slices of cake we wanted to try (we each got one) but finally, I landed on the Neapolitan (I just wanted to try as many flavors as I could all at once!)


The cake was… fine. The flavors were amazing, and the frosting was good, but I think I just expected it to be… I don’t know… better? Not that it was bad, but I think I just went in with SUCH high expectations that I was a little bit let down. That being said, I still want to go back and get a slice of the wedding cake because you really can’t go wrong with wedding cake!


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