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One thing that happened while I took my little blogging break was that I read. A lot. So I have quite a few books to catch up on here!


The Age of Miracles

This book is technically YA, but as a fully grown adult, I actually really liked it. It was more moving than I thought it would be, and I thought it was very well written. The story follows a teenage girl and how her world changes along with the real world changing – the Earth’s orbit is slowing down and that’s throwing everything out of whack. It hits on friendship and love and family and I definitely recommend it!


The Nest

I was SO EXCITED to read this one! There was such a long wait at my library for it, and so many people seemed to like it… and it was… fine. I didn’t hate it.. but it definitely wasn’t my favorite. You follow a dysfunctional family (grown siblings, mostly) through their quirky lives and relationships and the trouble they’re having with one of the brothers… but there were just SO MANY characters and they EACH took turns telling things from their point of view- it was just a lot to keep track of and it was kind of exhausting to keep up.



I REALLY really liked this one a lot!!!! As you can see from the cover, it is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice and it was just done so well. The characters were modern yet still retained their classic characteristics, the relationships were still the same and just as wonderful, and the updated plot was really fun to follow along with! You would enjoy this book even if you’ve never read Pride and Prejudice, or watched the movies, for that matter.


Today Will Be Different

This one was truly great! I was nervous that this book wouldn’t be as entertaining as her first (which is also hilarious and amazing and you need to read ASAP), but she knocked it out of the park again! You follow the main character, Eleanor, as she claims that today will be different. Spoiler alert: it’s not. 🙂


The Thousandth Floor

This book has been compared to Gossip Girl but in the future… and I would say that is a VERY accurate description! It had drama, it had friendship, it had betrayal, it had paranoia, it had rumors, it had excitement – and all within the walls of a thousand story, self-sufficient tower taking up a huge chunk of Manhattan. I felt it was very well written, especially since it takes place in the future which meant the author had to make up new technology and make it seem convincing (which she did, and it was!) The way it ended definitely makes me want the second book to come out soon!

Ok, feeling a bit more caught up now!! Have you read any of these? What did you think? Are any of these now on your list of books to read?

Also, I started doing a new thing a few weeks ago where I do a haiku review of books I finish on Twitter! I find it hilarious, and one of them was even re-tweeted by the author! How fun!


3 thoughts on “Recent Reads

  1. Sadly, I didn’t like the Nest or Eligible. In the case of the Nest, I think I just heard too much of the hype and it was destined to be a let down. As for Eligible, I haven’t been able to really enjoy any of the Jane Austen re-tellings, but I still love that they are bringing new life into her works for modern readers! Also, now I’m on the hunt for The Thousandth Floor from the library. It’s not really in my regular reading wheelhouse but it really intrigues me!

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