The Prettiest Cake I’ve Ever Made

I LOVE to bake! It’s no secret. All my friends and family know this about me. I’m always the first to volunteer to bring dessert to a potluck, bring cookies to a movie night, and so on. I even prefer to make my own desserts for my birthday! I knew that I was going to a good friend’s birthday dinner this past weekend and I was dying to bake her a birthday cake! SO I DID!!!


It ended up being a 4-layer cake (chocolate, white, chocolate, white) with an almond buttercream frosting. The cake was just from a box (I know, not from scratch…) but the frosting… Oh man… this stuff was GOOD!!! It was the first time I’d ever made a buttercream frosting and I’ll definitely be making it again! (I obviously used almond extract for the flavoring, but I bet vanilla would be delicious, too!)

I also tried a new “recipe” for getting the cakes to easily come out of the pan and it was fantastic! I’ve never had a cake come out of the pan just like that before! The only downside was that the edges of the cake got a little crispier than normal, but definitely not too crispy. Still edible. Still delicious!

This was my first attempt at a *fancy* cake and I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! It was very… bright… but I like bright things so there ya go! I don’t have one of those fancy cake spinner stands, so I plopped the cardboard cake board onto a lazy Susan and it worked out very well!


The birthday dinner was a lot of fun and everyone said that the cake (but mostly the frosting) was delicious – which is always great to hear! Now if only I had some leftovers… 🙂


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