Five for Friday #30

Hello and happy Friday! Here we are in December already and it’s time for more of my favorite things.


1 – Speaking of my favorite things… this rendition from Leslie Odom Jr. (he plays Aaron Burr in Hamilton!!!!!!!!) is amazing and I listened to it about 19 times at work the day it came out. His entire Christmas cd is incredible, and you should give it a listen.

2 – I made a pie entirely from scratch for the first time (it was delicious!) and I tried to make a lattice crust on top. Mine didn’t look nearly as good, but here’s an easy way to do it.


3 – GILMORE GIRLS GILMORE GIRLS GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you watched A Year In The Life yet?!?!?!? I watched it all in 1 day (it’s 6 hours so totally doable for a weekend… I just couldn’t wait to finish it!) and I LOVED IT!!! I made notes while I watched, so I’ll post those later I’m sure… but ugh it made my heart so happy to have the gang back together!


4 – This is the best popcorn ever. I’m obsessed. And it’s always sold out, so I guess the secret is out. Try it. Trust me.


5 – I stumbled across this movie on Netflix and watched it on a whim- and I loved it. A simple story, really just 2 characters, and an ending that maybe some people won’t like (it’s an indie movie, so watch accordingly) but I really did. AND the couple in the movie is married in real life, so that made me smile!


I’m glad the weekend is finally almost here! I am going to a birthday dinner for a friend, I’m going to finish decorating for Christmas, and yeah, I might just re-watch Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life (or have it on in the background.) I want to get my tree up ASAP so I can put all my gifts underneath! I finished Christmas shopping this week and now I just need to wrap everything and put it all under the tree until the 25th!


2 thoughts on “Five for Friday #30

  1. Man…I loved the revival too. It felt just like old times. And those last four words 🙂 The only thing I wanted more of was Jess (#TeamJessForLife) and Sookie, but I thought it was the best revival I’ve seen to date. Nostalgic but not cheesy. Slow paced but still engaging. And ugh…I’m sad it’s over.

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