More Desktop Backgrounds!

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been in a writing rut (probably because I’ve been doing a LOT more typing than usual at work so my fingers instinctively don’t want to type once I get home…) so today’s post is just going to be for fun!

I’ve been finding a lot of great images to use as my desktop backgrounds at work, and I wanted to share some more with you! A few for fall, and some just because they’re pretty. 🙂

hello, autumn

colorful pumpkins

pool flowers

giraffe at the pool

pretty stripes

How fun are those colorful pumpkins! I totally want to do something like that in the fireplace at my apartment… but I’m a bit of a lazy decorator for all things not Christmas and I’m just very realistic that it’s not gunna happen… maybe next year.

Have you used any of these for your desktop background before? Which one is your favorite?!?


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4 thoughts on “More Desktop Backgrounds!

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