State Fair of Texas – Opening Day

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… oh, you thought that was a Christmas song? Silly you- nope- it’s what I am singing now that the State Fair of Texas is here!!!

I went on opening day (last Friday) after work and had the BEST TIME! But first, let me start with all the goodness that happened before the fair. I saw online at 11:40 that there was a parade for the fair at 12:00 and that it was downtown! What?!?! I quickly IM’ed a friend at work and we made our way a few blocks over to watch the parade! It was actually pretty great!!


There were floats and marching bands and even guys dressed as Elvis riding tiny motorcycles!


It was pretty much the best lunch break ever. After work, I went to a friend’s apartment and then we headed over to the fair together with one goal in mind – EAT ALL THE FOOD!!!!! But first, we passed by the Budweiser Clydesdales! It made my St. Louis heart very happy.


Next, we started walking on a mission to find something delicious to eat. We got the famous Fletcher’s corny dogs (yum!) and I got a frozen sweet tea- WHOA was it amazing! It might be my new favorite thing. Ever.


We then headed to see the main guy- Big Tex- and meet up with some other people. If you think that a giant mechanical cowboy sounds amazing, then you would be correct. Big Tex is the best!


We walked around (a LOT!) and got some more food, which as you remember, was the goal of the day. We all tried some cookie fries (the #2 winner of the food contest this year, they were pretty ok) and some of us even tried fried jell-o! (That was the #1 food winner this year- and these were actually not good. Mine was still really doughy in the middle and the jell-o just tasted like cherry mush.)


But then, we all got some fried cheesecake and that more than made up for the gross jello food experiment. And with that, the evening was pretty much over! The fair closes at 10pm and it was time to make our way to an exit and get an Uber back home.

I had so much fun at the fair and I can’t wait to go back SOON! There are still so many yummy foods I want to try (funnel cake fries- yes, please!) and things to see (Taylor Swift exhibit!) I got a season pass, so I can go back as often as I’d like! I’ve already gone back for lunch (healthy, I know) and I’ll be going again on Monday for a concert!



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One thought on “State Fair of Texas – Opening Day

  1. I just went to my first fair this year, and loved it! The Texas version sounds quite amusing, though! Frozen sweet tea? I’ve never had ordinary sweet tea, let alone frozen! 😂

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