The Astronaut Wives Club (2016 Book Bingo Review)

I can’t believe my book bingo is almost coming to an end! I just have a few more spots to fill… and then how am I supposed to pick out what books to read!?!? I guess I’ll figure it out somehow!

To fill the spot of a book that was made into a TV show, I read (actually listened to) The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel. While I’ve never seen the show, I love things from that golden vintage era and thought the story sounded really interesting.


This book tells the true tale of, you guessed it, the first astronaut’s wives. We get to hear the great American tale from their point of view, sit in their living rooms while their husbands race to space, and go on the rise to national fame right along with these women. It wasn’t always fun and space and fame- divorce and tragedy and loneliness was a big part of their lives, but these women were there for each other and built a great support system together.

I listened to this while on a road trip to Missouri a few months ago, and it really made the time fly by in the car! I got the book on CD from my local library, so the free cost made it even better. But back to the story – I really enjoyed it! The fact that it was a real story about real people made me excited to hear what would happen next! And the fact that at one point they all lived in Houston made my Texan heart very proud. (One of the families even lived in a neighborhood pretty close to my sister!)

Now that I’ve heard the stories and know more about the lives of the astronauts, and more specifically their wives, I really want to watch the TV show! I think there were only 10 total episodes, which is actually kind of nice, so I know it won’t take me a really long time to get through.

Have any of you seen the show or read the book? What did you think?



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