This Pie is my New Favorite Food!

I was so happy when my college friend Arie moved to Dallas a few weeks ago because 1) she is amazing and I missed her, 2) since she is new I can show her all my favorite places in town, and 3) she is always up for having fun and trying fun new things!

After the world’s worst brunch in Trinity Groves last weekend, we decided that the only way to salvage the morning was to go on a little adventure! Our first stop was the Continental Avenue Bridge- a pedestrian bridge close to downtown Dallas.


I had always wanted to go on this pedestrian bridge and I’m so glad I can check it off my Dallas list. I mean, look at that awesome view of downtown!


If you look close enough, you can see my ugly office building. Don’t strain your eyes, it’s really not worth looking at.

It was so hot outside that we didn’t even make it all the way across- we had to turn around and head back. We weren’t done having fun together and we really needed to make up for the terrible food we ate, so we headed down to the Bishop Arts district for some delicious pie!


Emporium Pies was another place I’d always wanted to go, and I’m so glad that I got to enjoy it for the first time with my friend! The pie was AMAZING!!!!!!!! I got a slice of the Cloud Nine, which was delicious layers of caramel, butterscotch custard, and brown-sugar meringue. My taste buds died and went to heaven.


I am a little bit obsessed with that pie tho… And how cute is their floral menu?!? We walked around Bishop Arts a little bit more and finally headed back home.

I had so much fun – the more I explore, the more I really love living in Dallas!



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