I Got a Record Player!

For years, I had been saying “You know, I feel like I’m one of those people who should have a record player.” I just felt like that kind of thing would be enjoyable to have and I envisioned myself listening to vintage Christmas records while decorating the tree for the holidays or putting on an old classic while having people over for dinner. The only problem was… I didn’t have a record player. Or any records. I just mentioned that I felt like I would enjoy one. A lot.

About a month ago when I had friends visiting, I took them down to the Lower Greenville area to show them around. It’s just a cute neighborhood with little shops and boutiques- all of which were closed because it was the 4th of July. Don’t you think that businesses would be open so that all the people off work could shop? Anyway. We did find a little record shop that was open, so we went in to browse and I found 2 records for SUPER cheap that I just couldn’t live without! I got a Barry Mannilow greatest hits compilation and songs from the Sound of Music. Amazing!



Hah look at Barry, he is staring right at you, ready to sing you a song. Oh yeah.

Now that I had two great records, I had the boost I needed to FINALLY get a record player. I didn’t need anything fancy, and I found a cute pink Crosley on sale, so BOOM I got it! It’s adorable and I really do enjoy having it around! I’ve been listening to it while getting ready in the morning, while cleaning my apartment, while cooking- while doing everything!

record player


The very best part about my record player so far? ANOTHER record, courtesy of my sweet friend Allison! She sent me a surprise gift in the mail earlier this month – The Futures record from Jimmy Eat World (one of our favorite bands) which was so thoughtful and nice- but unfortunately Amazon sent me THE WRONG RECORD. I was a bit confused when I saw the soundtrack to High Fidelity, but I sent it back and got the correct one in the mail last week- and it sounds so good!


I realize I am totally just jumping on the bandwagon of having a record player, but I don’t care! Now I just need to find some old Christmas records so my holiday fantasy can happen in real life in a few months- garage sales, here I come!


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