Girls Go “Camping”

Last weekend was the 3rd annual “girls go camping” trip with some of my college girlfriends and I must say, it was the best one YET! I think what really pushed this one over the top was that we were “camping” but in an air-conditioned suite and we had working bathrooms and a kitchen and you know, the indoors. Real camping was always fine, but a flushing toilet and sleeping on a bed? Yeah, I’m all about that! I find it hilarious that the last two years were filled with BAD thunderstorms. In tents. In the woods. SO much rain. But this year while staying indoors, the weather was PERFECT! No rain!

We started out the weekend by going to Lambert’s Cafe for lunch and to get some rolls thrown at our heads – which is what they’re famous for so it wasn’t rude. (Actually the other girls started off the weekend getting pedicures but I went to Starbucks instead to do some work. Because everybody knows the best way to start a vacation is by working.) We then stopped at the store to get groceries for the weekend and then headed down to Branson! We stayed at the Still Waters Resort and it was actually really nice – really we could have stayed in a dump, I was just happy to NOT be in a tent for the weekend!

The rest of the weekend was spent laughing, hugging, floating in the lake (with my donut float!!!), lounging by the pool, and just having amazing friend time. I miss these girls so much! We have a group text going (and we rock it- seriously, we all text on that thing every. single. day.) but being in person is SO much better!!! I already can’t wait until we go again next year!







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3 thoughts on “Girls Go “Camping”

  1. Hi Kelly, looks like a fun get together with your girlfriends! I just started following your blog and it looks great! I seen your Gilmore girls piece too, big fan, I have a small blog about them on mine if u want to check it, Terri.

  2. Friend time is the best time! Glad it was fun…We travel around in a camping trailer. It has water, electric, and AC. Heading down to the beach in it soon!

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