Eleanor & Park (2016 Book Bingo Review)

I have read some of Rainbow Rowell’s books before, and I didn’t love them… but for some reason, I decided to give her one. more. chance… and I’m glad I did! Eleanor & Park was a lovely story about young love and how quickly it can come and go. It took the spot of a book with a female main character on my book bingo list.


Eleanor does not have a perfect life. In fact, try and think of the exact opposite of a perfect life- that’s what she has going on. A new winner of a step-dad (sarcasm), 4 younger siblings that all share a bedroom with her, one bathroom with no door, and no money to buy normal clothes. She is a walking target for all the other kids at her high school. She randomly sits next to Park, who does come from a “perfect” family, on the bus, and the two do NOT hit it off. He wants nothing to do with her, really. But eventually, they start bonding on the bus over comic books. Then music. Then each other. They eventually become inseparable and thank goodness they have each other to lean on things keep going south for Eleanor at home.

I thought this story was really sweet. I mean, it was actually really sad with the crappy home life being the main thing in the main character’s life, but still it was kind of sweet to see puppy love on the page and it was a REALLY fast read. It made me think back to high school and all the awkward things like holding hands for the first time and trying to flirt with someone at your locker because there is just really no graceful way to do that.

Also real quick- I feel like I’m getting so far in my book bingo! It’s fun to see what I’ve read so far and find books to fill the rest of the empty spots!

book bingo 17 (eleanor & park)


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