The Mondayest Monday of All Time

You guys, I just need to tell you about my Monday that I had a few days ago. It wasn’t terribly crazy, but two things happened that made the entire day the Mondayest Monday of all time.

First, let me tell you what happened on the bus. Normally, since I ride an express bus, we get to sit on a nice and comfy charter bus. Yeah, the kind with the great seats and the head rests and the foot rests, too. But occasionally, for some terrible reason, my bus line pulls up and instead of riding in luxury, I get to ride on a regular city bus. These really aren’t terrible, to be honest, but they just aren’t as nice.

When I got on the regular city bus, I went and sat in the back section. Now, notice how the back half of the bus is elevated a little bit. You have to climb a few steps to get up there, but the windows stay at the same level.
busYou see how the window sill at the bottom is kind of at arm/wait level, yeah? Ok good.

So there I am, just minding my own business, sitting by the window, reading my book, and I decide to rest my arm on the window ledge. Note I did not say lean against, or push against, but simply rest my arm. And guess what happened? THE WINDOW OPENED! The emergency window, as in the ENTIRE window, just flapped open from the top hinge!! I went “OH!!!!” (and sounded exactly like my mother) and scooted over to the interior seat and away from the flapping window.

But the important part of the story is IF I HAD BEEN LEANING ON THE WINDOW I WOULD HAVE 100% FALLEN OUT. Only slightly terrifying since the bus was moving and all. Let’s just not think about it, shall we?

Second, let me tell you what happened at kickball. Yes, I did say kickball, because that is now a part of my life. My company has an “intramural” team that needed more girls (since it’s co-ed, you forfeit if you don’t have enough ladies on the field) so I joined. I’m not athletic at all, but I figured that I’m female, and I’m not a terribly busy person, so sure I’ll join in on the fun!

We had a team practice/scrimmage on Monday evening and I was really excited to go! The team is made up of a lot of my work friends, so I was excited to see them and hang out for a bit. We gathered, we split up into teams (I wasn’t picked last! Success!), and the game began. We didn’t play for too long because it was already starting to get dark and the field we were on wasn’t lit super well.

I kicked for the first time, but the ball was caught and thrown to 1st base before I could get there. Fast forward to a few innings later and it was my turn to kick again! I gave it a go and what do you know, I made it to 1st base!! (Only because the guy that was supposed to catch the ball accidentally dropped it- not because of my great kicking or speed.) I watch my teammate walk up to the base and I know that he is not only a good kicker, but a fast runner, too. With that in mind, I took a few steps off the base and was ready to run as fast as I could to 2nd.

The kick. I started to run. I had too much momentum. I could feel myself falling. I tried to push my legs in front of my body to catch myself. But… I ATE IT. Seriously, I fell SO HARD. And I fell ALL THE WAY. Dirt on my face, in my hair, all over my legs and arm and shirt – and then I didn’t know if I should get up and run so I just kinda stayed on the ground for a second… There’s nothing better than falling in the dirt in front of 20 coworkers!!

Here is a reenactment of what I looked like. According to some people that were there, this is fairly accurate.


Thankfully I wasn’t really hurt, I just slammed my knee into the ground really hard so I have a gnarly bruise going. I decided to skip the kickball game last night just to play it safe (my leg is a bit sore…) and hopefully I’ll be all better for the game next week!

Thanks for letting me share my crazy Monday stories with you. I found them hilarious and thought you might, too. Hope you’re having a great day and you don’t fall in the dirt!!


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