(More) Netflix Picks

Picture this. It’s a lowkey night, you have nothing to do, so you pop some popcorn and decide to have a Netflix night. You go through everything on your list, but still have no idea what to watch….. what to do?!?! There are just SO many options to pick from… and it can be really overwhelming. So I wanted to share some of my recent favorite Netflix picks and suggestions and maybe help you pick the next time you’re in a rut!

netflix picks

House M.D. – Yes this is a bit of an older show, but I bet you forgot how good it was! He’s sarcastic, the doctors are good looking, and you get to try and solve the medical mysteries along with them. Hooray!

Cadet Kelly – It’s time to relive your Jr. High days with this one! It was just as cheesy as I remembered, but still pretty darn good! I remember feeling so cool that a Disney channel movie had my name in it because, you know, that really mattered at the time.

Jane the Virgin – This show is HILARIOUS! I can totally see why it won so many awards after only just a few episodes. Jane gets accidentally artificially inseminated (oops)

Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond – This one was actually really interesting. It showcased the author of James Bond, and how he used events from his real life to create one of the best known characters of all time.

Roman Holiday – It’s a classic for a reason! A great story and a chance to see Audrey Hepburn being her adorable self.

Hit Record on TV – This show totally blew away all my expectations! I had no idea about what JGL was doing, and seeing all these collaborations really gave me a warm fuzzy feeling about people working together and being creative!

Moonrise Kingdom – A quirky movie about two 12-year-old kids who fall in love and are willing to run away just to be together. It’s a Wes Anderson movie, so you can expect some great visual shots!

White Collar – This show tho… a master criminal escapes from jail and then starts working for the feds… but he still does a bit of crime on the side (all white collar stuff, hah, like art stuff) and Kelly from Saved By The Bell is in it!!

Have you watched any of these and love them too? Do you have any good suggestions on stuff to watch on Netflix? I’m always looking for things to add to my list!! Let me know!


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