Kayaking Fun

I am not what you could consider “outdoorsy.” In fact, I usually try to avoid nature most of the time. I mean, I like going to the park, but I don’t really want to go spend all my free time in the woods. Know what I mean? But I’m trying to be more adventurous and do more fun things, so I decided that I should go kayaking. And I had fun!

lake 3

I went to White Rock Lake with a few friends and we all had a lot of fun together. The weather was PERFECT (sunny, warm, and a cool breeze!) and the water was nice and calm. We went early enough that the day wasn’t too hot yet… but you better believe that I wore lots of sunscreen!


We didn’t go too fast or hard, we even ended up sitting in the middle of the lake for like 10 minutes just chatting. One thing that I didn’t anticipate or plan for was sitting in water… I didn’t bring a spare pair of shorts or a towel and my lower half was SOAKED the whole time! We walked around for a little bit so that we could dry off and then we grabbed some brunch!

lake 2

The place where we rented the kayaks and paddle board has a punch card, and I definitely want to go back again soon – 5 visits and you get one for FREE! What a deal! I have done the stand-up paddle boards before, and while the kayaking was super fun, I think that’s what I’ll try again next time!


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