I Chopped Off My Hair!

I did it- I made the big chop and donated my hair!! 10 inches gone! Cutting my hair has always been kind of an impulse decision for me. I can talk about wanting short hair forever, but one day it will just hit me- I NEED to cut my hair. And usually within 24 hours, the deed is done.

I was walking to lunch last Friday and I told my friend that I was so tired of my long hair- it was so hot and just so long and I didn’t really know what to do with it anymore… and after encouragement from a few others I went online, found a Groupon close by, and made an appointment for the next day.

Here are some things that happened or that I have noticed since cutting my hair:

  • The lady who cut my hair at the salon said “Are you sure? Long hair is so much better….”
  • The lady who cut my hair also didn’t speak English very well, and so I was crossing my fingers that we were agreeing on what she was doing back there.
  • My head feels approximately 4lbs lighter.
  • My arms feel a lot colder (I would sometimes use my hair as like a built-in blanket… and yes I realize how insane that sounds but it WORKED, y’all).
  • When someone brings up my haircut, a lot of guys will then comment with “oh….. was your hair long?” Yes. Yes it was.
  • Doing my hair now takes half the time. HALF!
  • My ponytail is now tiny and basically non-existent and kinda sad.
  • I keep pouring out my old usual amount of shampoo and it is WAY too much. #sudsfordays
  • I keep trying to pull my hair over to one side, but it flops out of my hands way sooner than I expect.


I’m still getting used to my new ‘do, but it is so nice and flippy and perfect for summer! I’ve started pinning cute short hairstyles and tutorials on Pinterest- hopefully I can make some of them work!

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