I Can Do Hand Embroidery Now!

Remember at the beginning of the month when I shared that my goal for June was to learn a new creative outlet? Well… I DID IT! I learned how to do (the basics of) hand embroidery and I even finished a little project!


How cute is that?!?! I know- adorable! For my first attempt, I’m pretty proud of it! It’s a little guy – 5 inches across – but it is displayed proudly on the shelf in my dining room.

This was my first time using a class and kit from Brit + Co, and I seriously can’t recommend it enough! They send you all the materials you need for your selected project, and the video class was easy to follow and actually helpful! I didn’t have to google anything or search out additional tutorials on YouTube – I call that a win!

I was pretty sure that I would enjoy this new craft, and you know what? I really did. I had a lot of fun doing this. It was relaxing, but I still had to concentrate and pay attention to what I was doing, and I really think that I’ll do some more of these! Now that I know the basics of hand embroidery, I think I’m going to try and make another one before the month is over (using my own design maybe?) We’ll see how it works out!

Have you ever tried a Brit + Co class? Are you a hand embroidery pro? Let me know and we can be creative together!

3 thoughts on “I Can Do Hand Embroidery Now!

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