My Hamilton Obsession… CONTINUED!

I just can’t help it- I’m STILL obsessed with Hamilton! It’s just SO GOOD!!!! I think I mentioned it before, but I’ve been learning a lot along the way, too, which makes it seem educational and therefore I can totally justify listening to it nonstop. Still. No shame.

Thankfully, there are a TON of other people out there who are also obsessed with Hamilton, and there are great articles to read, professional photo shoots to look at, and fan creations to giggle over. I’ve picked out some of my favorites for you to enjoy, too!

This is probably my favorite line from the entire show- it just cracks me up! The French Revolution is happening and Hamilton says “We signed a treaty with a king whose head is now in a basket- would you like to take it out and ask it? ‘Should we honor our treaty, King Louis’ head?’ ‘Uhh… do whatever you want, I’m SUPER DEAD!'”

I love this quote…

If you’re not already following Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter, do it. His tweets are hilarious and encouraging and inspiring and give you some behind-the-scenes insight!


If you’re already on the #Hamiltrash train, then I hope you enjoyed this. If you’re not- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!? GET ON IT! Listen! Obsess! Learn! Cry! (Yeah, it still makes me tear up at certain points… I know what songs to skip while riding the bus.) Enjoy!

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