June Goals – Creativity

June is here and that is CRAY CRAY! I changed the calendar on my desk and I just paid my rent (bye bye money), so it must be true. I’m always happy when June rolls around, though. It finally starts to feel like summer and I usually have some fun plans to look forward to which makes me feel excited pretty much all the time! This summer I have a few trips planned, a few friends I’ll get to see here in Dallas, and some fun activities already in the works!

Since it’s a new month, it’s time for a new goal! I’m already a big fan of this one – creativity.

June Resolution

I like to think that I’m a mildly creative person, but I want to try and grow that a little bit more by choosing a NEW outlet to work on. Have I chosen it yet? Uhh………. no……… not exactly……… I’m thinking about it though, and hopefully I’ll decide by…. THE END OF THIS POST! (No pressure, right?!?)

Have you heard of Brit+Co? Well they are one of my favorite sites to browse around on- everything they do is adorable AND they offer online classes in different creative avenues! I think I might pick one of those and roll with it… most of them seem to be geared toward beginners and some of them even come with kits you can order so you can follow along using the same tools as the instructor! You should check out their classes for yourself!

Ok… I think I’ve decided. There were quite a few (9. There were NINE) classes that I wanted to take, but for the month of June I’ve decided to do… drumroll please… EMBROIDERY ONLINE CLASS!!! This is something I’ve been wanting to learn for a while (I tried teaching myself a while ago, but then I moved to Texas and kind of forgot about it…) and I’m really excited! I’ll do the class and maybe do another post about my finished product! I can’t wait to get started!

You should join me this month and find a way to be creative, too! You don’t have to pick a new project to try, you can return to an old favorite if you’d like. Do you have a project you started and just haven’t managed to finish? Use your creativity this month and get it done!! Now let’s go and be creative!

7 thoughts on “June Goals – Creativity

  1. Ooh, embroidery! I have SO many embroidery designs in my mind – I should sign up for this so I can learn to transfer them correctly and make them embroidery things!

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  4. Love this post. Last month, I started my YouTube channel and have been getting more comfy in front of the camera as well as editing my videos. It’s a whole diff platform of expression and makes me want to just do better and do more.
    Are you in YouTube? Check me out.

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