My Parents Opened a Laundromat!

You read that right, my parents opened a laundromat! And we all could not be more excited about it! This has been my dad’s brainchild for a few years now, and it has been so awesome to hear about his ideas, see plans being developed, and now see the actual result that they have up and running. This is quite the adventure for them, and a very ambitious “retirement” job, but they are both jumping in head first and they are loving it so far! Even more fun is that my mom’s sister (hey, Aunt Janet!!) is down there working with them, too! She is the manager and she is killing it!!


They had a ribbon cutting ceremony last month and it was so fun to go down and help out. It was so overwhelming to see how many people came- in a good way! It just shows how much my parents have involved themselves in their community over the last year and it was nice to see all those people who came because they believe in my parents and want them to succeed. Which they will!


We had refreshments after the ceremony (delicious) and then got a chance to talk to people who came and it was a genuinely nice time. My mom (the best host ever) even had laundry-theme goodie baskets for people to take home with them. SO cute! The best part of the day was that my sister came with my two nephews and so I got to get some snuggles in. And we all had matching shirts. You can’t go wrong in a matching shirt.



They’re going to have a GRAND OPENING celebration later this month and I can’t wait to go back to help and do some laundry while I’m there!!

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