Day Trip to Waco, TX

I seriously have some great buddies here in Dallas. There is a group of us that just gets along really well and it is always SO fun when we all get to hang out together. A few of us did the ultimate friendship test a few weekends ago… we took a little road trip. I feel like that is one of those make or break friendship moments- stuck in the car for a few hours, navigating a new place, trying to decide on what to do… but we made it and had fun and still want to hang out with each other! Hooray!

We decided to take a little day trip to Waco, TX. If you’re at all aware of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, then you’ll know EXACTLY why we chose to go to Waco. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, we went down there to visit the Magnolia Market at the Silos- the shop from the couple that are featured on an HGTV show.


It was… pretty ok! I had pretty low expectations going in – I had heard that the store, while big, has a lot of the same items all over the place and a lot of it was generic made in China type stuff. That was true. BUT it was really fun to get to see it in person and look at all the displays.


One of the main downsides was that we got there right when they opened on a Saturday. It was SO CROWDED- it was nuts. You couldn’t even stand for 5 seconds without 5 people bumping into you. That made the whole event kind of stressful. BUT one of the main upsides was their outdoor space. It was GREAT.



There is a grassy area with lawn games, picnic tables, and food trucks. The outdoor space totally salvaged my opinion of Magnolia, to be honest, and I can see myself going back JUST to enjoy the outdoor area.

The rest of our trip was really enjoyable- we went to the Spice Village shops (LOVED that!), we went to the Harp Design Co. shop, we had lunch at Vitek’s (the gut pak was delicious!), and we got out of town before it started raining. (It was so muggy and gross while we were there, though… that was unpleasant.)


It was such a fun day and I’m sure that the company made the trip even more enjoyable. Have any of you ventured down to visit the Silos? What did you think? Are there any other shops I need to be sure to check out if I go to Waco again?

6 thoughts on “Day Trip to Waco, TX

  1. ah! I love Fixer Upper! And like you, I haven’t heard great remarks about Magnolia. But I still want to go too! Perhaps when they have live music (coming soon?) and food trucks it may be more worth it?

  2. How awesome! I’ve been addicted to Fixer Upper, I think I’ve watched every episode available on Netflix lol So cool that you got to visit! Glad you enjoyed yourself 🙂

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