May Goals – Career

Another month, another goal! For May, I really want to focus on my career goals and how I can get myself where I want to go.

May Resolution

I might not sure what I want my career path to be, but there are a few things I CAN do in the meantime.

Update my resume: I’ve actually JUST done this! I even made a few different versions. Experience based, skills based, and a few tweaks here and there for different career paths. I am really happy with my resume right now- it’s clean and simple and to the point.

Take a Lynda course: I’m currently watching a Lynda course on FrameMaker, that will hopefully be really helpful in my current career and make me more marketable in the future. I have a couple more courses lined up and I’m ready to learn! Thankfully my company pays for a membership for employees, so I get to take advantage of that.

Other things: I’m going to look into professional organizations, try and do some networking, and anything else I can think of!

On a side note, I can’t believe that it’s May already. I might need a few days to let that sink in!

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